Appealing Your Oregon Senate Bill 762 Risk Class

Tumalo Wildland Urban Interface

Many of you may have received a notification from the Oregon Department of Forestry in regards to Oregon Senate Bill 762. This bill is to help Oregon modernize and improve wildfire preparedness through three key strategies: creating fire-adapted communities, developing safe and effective response, and increasing the resiliency of Oregon’s landscapes. This bill has been in the works for years and is a result of the destructive wildfire seasons that are becoming all too common within the last decade.

On your notice, you’ll see a risk class for your property. Many in Central Oregon are under the moderate, high and extreme categories. You will also see a designation of your property is in the wilddland-urban interface. Many properties in Tumalo and areas surrounding the core of our cities in Central Oregon are in the wildland-urban interface.


You need to look into your risk class and appeal, if you feel like it’s incorrect, within 60 days of receiving your notice!

What do I need to do?

For more information about Oregon Senate Bill 762 head to this website. (


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