Bend City Council Changes Short Term Rental Rules

Bend adopts new short term rental rules at their meeting on October 5th. The Bend City Council hopes to increase the number of long-term rentals in Bend to help alleviate the housing crisis. Below are the rules that have been adopted.

Proof of Use:

Owners have the ability to use a long-term rental as their proof of use requirement. This means that owners can keep their short term rental permit even if they decide to accept a long-term rental.

Short Term Rental Density:

The city has adopted a 500 foot radius as the new distance between short term rental permit holders. Short term rental permits will not be issued to a property unless it is over 500 feet from the nearest short term rental permit holder. The city will not terminate any short term rental permit issued after April 2015 that is currently in violation of the 500 foot radius. It is important to note on the real estate side that the short term rental permit will be terminated when the property is sold if it is in violation of the 500 foot radius.


The code also specifies that you can only one short term rental dwelling can be approved per property. This means that properties with ADU’s or multi-unit properties can only rent one structure on the property.

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