Bend Considers Short Term Rental Rule Changes (Airbnb | VRBO)

If you’re a real estate investor in Bend who hosts an Airbnb or VRBO, you’ll want to pay attention to the proposed changes to the Bend Short Term Rental Rules. Bend hopes to increase the number of affordable long term rentals with the proposed rule changes below.

Proof of Use:

Currently, you must have proof that your short term rental has been used as a short term rental within the past year. If you can’t prove that your unit has been used as a short term rental within the past year, the city will revoke your short term rental permit.

The city has proposed that this rule be removed so that short term rental permit holders can offer their unit to long term renters without any penalties.

Short Term Rental Density:

Currently, a short term rental permit will only be issued if there are no other short term rental permit holders within 250 feet.

The city has proposed that the distance be increased to 500 feet. This means that no short term rental permits will be issued to a property unless it is over 500 feet from the nearest short term rental permit holder.

Public Hearing:

There will be a public hearing on September 12 at 5:30 via Zoom. (Public Hearing Information)

The Bottom Line:

The city is hoping to increase the availability and affordability of long term rentals in Bend. For current short term rental permit holders this is good news as the number of new short term rentals will be greatly reduced. The 500 foot restriction for new short term rental permits reduces the already scarce pockets of properties still eligible for a short term rental permit. Incentivizing short term rental owners to accept long term tenants could reduce the total pool of short term rentals available in Bend.

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