How to Sell My House in Sunriver

Want to sell your house in Sunriver? If you’re in the very early stages and just want to know the state of the local real estate market or a list price range before deciding to sell your house in Sunriver, give us call (541-848-8527) or send us a message [email protected]. If you’re ready to move forward, here are some tips to make the process go smoother!

What is the primary use of your home?

  • It’s a vacation rental.
    • Great! Gather the documents stating how much you have made over the past few years. If you’re on a rental program, you can contact the company that manages your property and have them send you the breakdown. This information can entice future buyers who plan to also use the home as a vacation rental.
  • It is a second home or a primary residence.
    • Think about contacting a few rental companies to have them run a rental projection report. This helps buyers think about what it could make if they decide to use the home as a vacation rental which is very popular in Sunriver.

Are you selling it furnished?

  • This is a great option in Sunriver and quite popular. Keep in mind that not all the furniture has to stay, we can come in and catalog an inventory of what’s staying before we list the property.

Property Cleanup

  • It’s a good idea to do a few, small maintenance projects, such as touching up paint and making sure the lighting in the house is a consistent temperature, before listing. These small upgrades will help your home to photograph and show better. You also want to declutter and have the house organized before listing it.

SROA Property Inspection

  • This inspection costs $125 and it is helpful to have it completed before you list your property. The inspection from SROA has a history of throwing a wrench into sales, so it’s best to be proactive about it. (SROA Website: (Inspection Request Form: SROA Property Inspection Form)

Contact Wilder Group Real Estate

  • Feel free to contact us at any point in the process. We can prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis) and come up with a list price for your property. We can also go over your real estate goals and tailor a marketing plan to fit your needs.

Professional photographs, videos and other marketing materials.

  • After you sign the listing documents and we come up with a plan, we will have on of our Sunriver Realty photographers come in and take photos, videos, drone shots and other marketing material for the house. You’ll want the house to be looking its best when our photographer arrives. This marketing content, specifically the photos, is what a buyer will use to make the judgment on whether they want to view the house or not.

The Listing is Live!

  • Is your house on a rental program during the sale?
    • Yes. We’ll need access or printouts of the rental schedule so that we can schedule showings between your bookings.
    • No. We will be working around your schedule and will give you a heads up each time a showing is requested. If the house is vacant, that makes it even easier to show as we don’t have any schedule to work around.
  • Keep the house show quality.
    • You’ll want to keep the house organized, clean and smelling nice for your showings. Buyers can often associate the quality of a home with those factors, even if they’re not related.

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