How to use Deschutes County Dial

Have you wondered how much someone paid for their property or wanted other information about a property in Deschutes County? Lucky for you, Deschutes County Dial, our Deschutes County property information search database has all of those answers and so much more. This wonderful utility, maintained by our county assessor is a wealth of information.

How to Search for a Property?

  1. Head to the Deschutes County Dial website. (
  2. Search using one of the following pieces of information.
    • Property Owner Name
    • Account Number
    • Map/Taxlot
    • Address (how we usually search, a street name can be enough if you don’t know the full address)
    • Subdivision
    • Mobile Home Park

Now that you have searched for a property, let’s go into what you’ll find on the site. Below are some of the main items but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Assessment & Taxation


The first item that always jumps out at people is the valuation section of the summary page. There is usually a large difference between the Real Market Value and Assessed Value. The Real Market Value is what the county assessor thinks your house would sell for. Always contact us┬áif you’re looking for a property valuation, the Real Market Value can be off by 25% or more. The Assessed Value what your property taxes are based on and is only able to increase by 3% per year which is why it’s usually drastically lower than the Real Market Value.


This is where you can see how many times, and at what price the property has changed hands. The is one of the most important tools for prospective buyers to answer questions such as these. How many times has the property sold? Did is recently sell and could it have been flipped? How much has the property potentially appreciated in value?



This is a great place for buyers to get an idea of what the property can be used for. The zoning is important if you have plans for the property other than its current use. We have had many clients who want to use a property for a residence and business. This is a good starting point but if you want to use the property for other uses be sure to let us know so we can put you in contact with the correct county department so you don’t run into anything unexpected. This is all where you can find information about the snow load needed for any new or additional construction among other items.

Permits & Documents

The permits and documents sections can be very important. This is where you’ll head to make sure that permits have been pulled and finaled for construction on the property. This is especially important for properties with multiple structures or extensive remodeling.

I hope this guide will get you started on Dial. If you have any questions about a property or information you found on Dial, feel free to reach out!


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