Oregon Wildfire Risk Map Withdrawn

Tumalo Wildland Urban Interface

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Oregon Wildfire Risk Map that came with Oregon Senate Bill 762. This bill was to help Oregon modernize and improve wildfire preparedness through three key strategies: creating fire-adapted communities, developing safe and effective response and increasing the resiliency of Oregon’s landscapes. The Oregon Wildfire Risk Map put every property in Oregon into a wildfire risk class but the public didn’t think it was accurate.

Due to backlash from over 2,00 Oregonians, the ODF (Oregon Department of Forestry) announced that they are withdrawing the current version of the Oregon Wildfire Risk Map. ODF will start working with Oregon State University to improve the Wildfire Risk Map based on the feedback they received from property owners. The current appeals process will end and any appeals based on the withdrawn map will not be considered.

If you want ODF to consider your feedback when creating the next iteration of the Wildfire Risk Map send your comments to the following email address ([email protected]). These comments are in regards to the data on the Wildfire Risk Map and your properties status. They ask that you to provide data that supports your argument about the risk class given by the withdrawn Wildfire Risk Map.

We will keep you updated as new developments come out about Oregon Senate Bill 762 and the updated Wildfire Risk Map.

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