SHARC Passes for Nightly Rentals in Sunriver

The Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center or SHARC is a state of the art $19 million dollar recreation center in Sunriver. This facility sits on 22 acres near The Village and features many amenities your guests will enjoy including an outdoor pool, indoor pool, lazy river, water slides and so much more. As an owner, you have access to this wonderful facility with your Member Preference ID Card. You can provide SHARC access to your nightly rental guests through the SROA Recreation Plus Program.

Recreation Plus Program Benefits

The Recreation Plus Program is a great way to set your nightly vacation rental apart. This program provides your guests with access to the SHARC’s indoor and outdoor aquatics for the length of their stay. Your guests will also get access to the SHARC Disc Golf Course, SROA Tennis and Pickleball Courts and SROA Boat Launch. Without utilizing this program, your guests would be required to pay $15 per person to enter the SHARC and they will not receive the other SROA benefits.

Recreation Plus Program Annual Costs

  • 1 Bedroom Rental | $1,260 | 4 Cards
  • 2 Bedroom Rental | $1,890 | 6 Cards
  • 3 Bedroom Rental | $2,520 | 8 Cards
  • 4 Bedroom Rental | $3,150 | 10 Cards
  • 5 Bedroom Rental | $3,780 | 12 Cards
  • 6 Bedroom Rental | $4,410 | 14 Cards
  • 7 Bedroom Rental | $5,040 | 16 Cards
  • 8 Bedroom Rental | $5,670 | 18 Cards

How to know if a rental is apart of the Recreation Plus Program?

The program is a huge benefit for guests and it’s usually advertised in the listing. It may not say Recreation Plus passes but something like SHARC Passes. If you’re an owner, be sure your listing advertises the Recreation Plus passes so potential guests know what you’re rental has to offer.

If you have any questions about this program feel free to contact us.


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