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“I am a Realtor Broker from another state. It was a major challenge to purchase property in an area which is new to us. Although I know what to do every step of the way and our goal was quite clear... buy the right property to meet our needs. For that very reason I, once again, relied on our Realtor to make these important things happen. The effort was a huge success, thanks to the professional expertise of Realtor-Cheryl Tronson. I will continue to call Cheryl for all our real estate needs.”

“We found a property we were interested in and yet could not get agents at other agencies to call us back. Riley at Sunriver Realty was very responsive and communicative. We are pleased with our experience working with him. We closed quickly and worry free. Thank you Riley!”

“She's developed a diverse network of Sellers - which speaks to her experience and ought to provide opportunities for you as you get there and start looking. She isn't just working with open land, she isn't just working with the locals - she's kinda doing a little bit of everything. What I like about an agent like that is she might present you with something you didn't know you wanted, but will love anyway.”