Sunriver Firewood Rules

Firewood Sunriver

Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) has instituted a new firewood rules that goes into effect on May 1, 2023. The Sunriver Firewood Rules limit the amount of wood that can be visibly stored on your property. They’re also regulating the proximity of firewood to structures. Sunriver Firewood Rules have been updated to increase the wildfire safety of the community.

Sunriver Firewood Rules

  • The amount of wood stored on a property is limited to 3 visible cords.
  • All visible stored firewood shall be neatly stacked in a rectangular fashion.
  • You may not use trees as “bookends” to hold stacks of firewood.
  • You can request an exception from the three-cord limit with approval from SROA.
    • Written certification that firewood is a primary source of heat for the home.
    • Having no more than five cords of firewood at any given time.
    • Following all provision for placement and stacking of firewood.
    • Follow this link to request an exception.
  • Wood should not be stored or stacked in any way that could impede emergency responders and equipment to any door and exterior areas of the home.

Firewood Storage Rules During Fire Season (May 1 – November 1)

  • Stored at least 20 feet from any structures. If you cannot meet the 20 feet requirement, you must store it as far away from any structures as possible.
  • Structures are anything that can burn including decks, hot tubs, patios, car ports, stairs, sheds, etc…

Firewood Storage Rules Outside of Fire Season (November 1 – May 1)

  • You can store firewood within 0 to 10 feet of a structure for easy access.

Firewood Share Program

Sunriver has a fantastic program for donating your excess firewood. If you have a firewood need or excess firewood email [email protected].

FireFree Days

This is a fantastic way to dispose of excess yard debris that can increase our fire risk. This program is free of charge. For more information head to FireFree Days website.

  • Sunriver Lake Penhollow Compost Site | May 5-6 | 8am – 4pm
  • Knott Landfill, Bend | May 6-21 | 7am – 4:30pm
  • Southwest Transfer Station, LaPine | June 3-17 | 8am – 4pm

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