Sunriver: SROA Pathway Rules

Sunriver Pathway

Sunriver has an incredible network of paved pathways that stretches over 34 miles. There are a few rules of the pathways that SROA (Sunriver Owners Association) would like you to know about.

  • Tunnel Etiquette
    • Walk bicycles through the tunnels that have gates.
  • Passing Safely
    • Pass on the left after giving an audible warning such as “passing on your left”.
  • Prohibited Uses
    • Skateboarding
    • Hoverboarding
    • Roller Blading
    • Other similar modes of transportation
  • E-Bikes
    • Class 1 pedal assist e-bikes are allowed.
    • Throttle controlled Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes, Segways and scooters are prohibited.
  • Nature
    • Stay on pathways at all times, do not travel over natural common area or on roads.
  • Helmets
    • Helmets are required for riders and passengers under 16 years of age.
  • Road Crossings
    • Always reduce your speed and yield to vehicles at road crossings. Be very cautious at all road crossing as it can be difficult for drivers to see pathway users.
  • Pets
    • Pets must be secured in baskets or trailers, riding with leashed pets running along side is prohibited.
  • General Rules
    • Right-of-Way
      • Pedestrians and people walking bicycles have the right-of-way on paths and road crossings.
    • Ride or walk on the right-hand side of pathway.
    • Headlights and red reflectors are required for pathway use from dusk till dawn.

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