Sunriver Owners: SROA Boat Launch and SROA River Shuttle Pickup Service

Being an owner in Sunriver has many benefits and one of the most used benefits during the summer is the SROA (Sunriver Owners Assocation) Boat Launch and River Shuttle Pickup Service.


The SROA Boat Launch is located adjacent to the Sunriver Marina at the address below. To use the SROA Boat Launch, you’ll need to have one of the following forms of ID: valid SROA Member Preference ID, valid Recreation Plus Program Card or a valid Extended Family Card. The SROA Boat Launch features a restroom, ample parking and an easy to use boat ramp that puts you into the calm water of the Sunriver Resort Marina on the Deschutes river.


The SROA River Shuttle Pickup Service is another great perk of being an owner in Sunriver. To pair with the use of the SROA Boat Launch, you can use the SROA River Shuttle Pickup Service which is a partnership between the SROA and Sunriver Resort Marina. This service allows you to float downstream from the SROA Boat Launch to Canoe/Circle 7 Takeout, which is around a 3 hour float. To use this service, you need to have a valid SROA Member Preference ID, this service is not available to Recreation Plus Program card holders. Follow the instructions below to use the SROA River Shuttle Pickup Service.


SROA River Shuttle Pickup Service:

  1. Maximum of 12 people per group
  2. Check in and present your valid SROA Member Preference ID to Sunriver Resort Marina office prior to leaving on your float.
  3. Use an acceptable watercraft such as a hard-sided canoe, kayak, paddle board or raft.
  4. Make sure you plan your float to be at the pickup location by 5:30 pm. The first pickup is at 11:00 am and the last pickup is at 5:30 pm.


SROA Boat Launch
17380 Deschutes Road
Sunriver, Oregon 97707

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