SROA Member Preference Card

To receive all of your Sunriver Owner benefits you’ll want to enroll in the SROA Member Preference Program and receive your Member Preference Card. This program is available to all Sunriver property owners for annual fee of $75 per membership. As an owner this benefit can be extended to spouses/partners and dependents/children between the ages of 4 and 23. There is also an option to include extended family, however their membership is $160. To get your Member Preference Card you’ll need to head to the SROA office at 57250 Overlook Road.

SROA Member Preference Card Benefits


Sunriver Area Discounts (2022)

Recreation Guests Passes

When you enroll in the SROA Member Preference Program you’ll receive 20 SROA Guest passes. These passes allow your guests access to the SHARC aquatics, tennis & pickeball and disc golf. If a guests is accompanied by a owner with a Member Preference Card they will also have access to the fitness center and member pool.

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